Little info about me


Hi :) my name is Klára and I create as EmekeArt


I am a traveller, photographer, bookworm and artist. Lover of India, chocolate, tea  and good food.

I have always loved drawing and painting since I was able to hold a color pencil in my hand. 

I live in Czech Republic in small village at the very far north where we call it Czech Switzerlans. So beautiful landscape...

I have learned everything by myself and I have still been learning. Anyway, I think it is neverending process. I try to work with various materials and techniques. But I love the best acrylic paint, soft pastel and watercolors... I love colors and therefore my paintings are sometimes unexpectedly "wild" . The black is around anyway. 

Apart from drawing and painting I like other hand craft. It can be making jewelery from beads, felting, crocheting, cooking.... 

A lot is inspired by travelling. Mainly around Asia and Pacific where I have spent some time. 

My paintings are spread around the world - in New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, USA...

If you ask what EmekeArt means... Art is clear right :) ... and Emeke is a little fabric guy (doll) who travelled with me and my husband and keep his eyes on our backpacks. He is colorful and always smiling